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KING AIR C90B - ANO 2002

Categoria Turbo-Hélice
Fabricante Beechcraft
Modelos King Air C90B
Ano 2002
Horas Totais 1.340
Nº de Assentos 7
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Informações Gerais

Revisão Geral executada em Jun/2014


Horas Totais : 1.340h
Horas Disponiveis: 2.260h


Pratt And Whitney PT6A-21 Reverse Flow, Free Turbine Engines Rated At 550 Shaft Horsepower Each
• Hartzell Four Blade, Aluminum Alloy, 90" Diameter, Dynamically Balanced, Constant Speed Propeller With
Polished Spinners
• Automatic Feathering System And Type II Syncrophaser
• Dynamic Propeller Balance Test Plug
• Fuel Crossfeed System
• Engine Driven Fuel Pumps
• Submerged Electric Fuel Boost Pumps
• Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps
• Fuel Control Units
• Auto Ignition System
• Primary Propeller Governors
• Over speed Propeller Governors
• Fuel Topping Governors
• Automatic Fuel Heater System
• Bleed Air Vacuum System
• Magnetic Chip Detector
• EPA Fuel Purge System
• Engine Anti-Icing System
• Exhaust Heated Engine Inlet
• Engine Oil Pressure Warning Lights

Aviônicos e Rádios

• COMM 1 - Collins VHF-22A-011 (Extended Range To 136.975 MHz With 25 KHz Increments) Transceiver
With CTL-22 Control And Antenna
• COMM 2 - Collins VHF-22A-011 (Extended Range To 136.975 MHz With 25 KHz Increments) Transceiver
With CTL-22 Control And Antenna
• Nav 1 - Collins VIR-32 VOR / LOC / GLS / MKR Receiver With EHSI-84 Indicator And CTL-32 Control,
Connected To Nav And Glideslope Antenna
Nav 2 - Collins VIR-32 VOR / LOC / GLS / MKR Receiver With 331A-3G Indicator And CTL-32 Control,
Connected To Nav And Glideslope Antenna
• GPS - Garmin GPS 400 Global Positioning System With Color Moving Map Display, Course Information
Presented On The EHSI 84 (BRNAV Approved)
• ADF - Collins ADF-60A With CTL-62 Control And ANT-60A Antenna
• Transponders - Dual Collins TDR-94's With Single CTL-92 Control And Dual Antennas Transponder ATC
Ident Button On Pilot's And Copilot's Control Wheels
• DME - Collins DME-42 With IND-42A Indicator And Antenna; DME Channel: Nav 1 Active / Nav 2
Active / Nav 1 Preselect / DME Hold Switching
• RMI - Collins RMI-30 With Nav 1 / ADF On Single Needle And Nav 2 / ADF On Double Needle, RMI
Card From No. 2 MCS-65
• Compass 1 - Collins MCS-65 System Drives Pilot's EHSI-84
• Compass 2 - Collins MCS-65 System Drives Copilot's 331A-3G And Pilot's RMI
• Inverters - Dual Flite-Tronics PC-250's, 250VA With Failure Light
• Pilot's Encoding Altimeter / Altitude Alerter - Meggitt Avionics 28007-11-01 Solid State (Liquid Crystal
Display) Encoding Altimeter With 10379-11-01 Solid State (Liquid Crystal Display) Altitude Alerter And
• Copilot's Aerosonic Encoding Counter Pointer Altimeter 101450-11952 (Inches)
• Audio - Dual DB Systems Model 438 With Omni Range Filters, ADF Voice / Range Filter, Dual Audio
Switches And Auto Comm. Switches
• Marker Beacons - Dual Included In VIR-32's With Dual Lights And Antenna
• CVR - L3 Communications A100S Cockpit Voice Recorder With 30 Minute Recording Time
• Glideslopes - Dual Included In VIR-32's And With Antenna
• Autopilot / Flight Director - Collins APS-65H Autopilot With EFIS-84, Two-Tube Single Processor, 4"
Flight Director System Includes: EADI-84 Horizon Indicator, EHSI-84 Course Indicator, DSP-84 Remote Heading /
Course / Display Control, DPU-84 Display Processor, APP-65 And FCP-65 Autopilot Controls, Altitude Hold,
Climb / Descent Mode, Altitude Preselect, Vertical Speed Hold, Indicated Airspeed Hold, Yaw Damper, Manual
Electric Trim
• Weather Radar - Honeywell RDR 2100VP Color / Vertical Profile / Digital Weather Radar Displayed On
KMD 850 (Includes 12" Antenna / Receiver / Transmitter Unit)
• Radar Altimeter - Collins ALT-55B With Dual Antennas [Readout On EADI-84]
• TAS / TAWS - Honeywell KMH 880 Multi-Hazard Awareness System (IHAS 8000) Displayed On KMD
850, Includes Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (Class B TAWS) And Traffic Advisory System
• Honeywell VDL Data Link Weather W/ Nexrad Displayed On KMD 800
• BF Goodrich WX 500 Storm Scope Displayed On KMD 800 & GPS 400
• Fuel / Air Data Computer - Shadin ADC-2000 Fuel / Air Data Computer (Displayed On GPS 400)
• Pilot's Electronic Attitude Indicator - EADI-84
• Pilot's Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator - EHSI-84
• MFD - Honeywell KMD 850 Multi-Function Display With Color Moving Maps
• Pilot's And Copilot's Turn And Bank Indicator - 2" Electric
• Copilot's Attitude Indicator - 3" Air
• Copilot's Horizontal Situation Indicator - 331A-3G (HSI)
• Cabin Paging - Flight Deck To Cabin Paging With Four Cabin Speakers
• Ground Comm. Switch Tied To Comm. 1 And Pilot's And Copilot's Audio
• Dual Hand Held Microphones
• Microphone Key Button On Pilot's And Copilot's Control Wheels
• Static Wicks
• Emergency Locator Transmitter With Flight Deck Switch
• Sectional Instrument Panel (Back Mounted Instruments)
• White Lighting
• Avionics Master Switch

Equipamentos Adicionais

Iridium Satellite Phone W/ Dual Handsets (Cockpit & Cabin) Data / Fax Port
Reisback Engineering Dual Aft Body Strakes
Reisback Engineering Nacel Wing Lockers
3M Radome Protector
Smart Start Anti Theft System
110V Inverter For Cabin outlets


Branco com faixas em azul marinho, azul escuro e dourado metálico


Assentos em couro bege
Carpete bege claro
No Smoking Configuration
Fresh Air Outlets For All Occupants
Seven Cabin Windows With Adjustable Polarized Windows
Two Lavatory / Baggage Area Tinted Windows
Private Lavatory Compartment With Flushing Recirculating Chemical Toilet (Electric), Sidewall Relief

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